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SOLD: 1957 Dodge D100 Truck - $12,500 OBO (Fort Wayne, IN)

Engine: V8 with new plugs, wires, distributor, pertronix ignition. The carburetor has been rebuilt, and an electric fuel pump added. The initial start feels like the engine has exceptionally high compression, could be the starter getting tired? The engine runs and idles good, has good power. I drive this truck between 50 and 60 mph without issue.

Driveline: 4 new tires, pinion seal replaced, 6 new wheel cylinders (each brake shoe in the rear has its own wheel cylinder and is individually adjustable), new brake master cylinder, new brake pressure switch, 2 of the 3 rubber lines replaced.

The truck has a somewhat rare push button automatic transmission compete with N (Neutral), R (Reverse), D (Drive), 1 (1st gear), 2 (2nd gear) mated to a v8 engine. The transmission is controlled by selecting (pushing) a button which moves a cable. The buttons work as they should and the transmission shifts without issue.

Manual drum brakes all the way around, leaf springs front & rear.

Interior: Bench seat, manual windows, floor mat and a heater. The headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, temp gauge, fuel gauge, voltage gauge and oil pressure gauge all work.

Body: The windshield is not cracked or delaminated, new rubber windshield gasket, new vent window gaskets, bed wood replaced. The floor pans are in very good shape, and new wood in the bed.

I took a refrigerator magnet (thin magnet) all the way around the truck, (hood lip, over the headlights, lower doors, lower fenders, cab corners), and the magnet stuck everywhere I placed it. The paint is driver quality. There are nicks, runs, and subsurface scratches from a poor sanding job; which makes this a truck you can take anywhere, and have fun with.

The rubber seals on the doors, and rear glass are original. All are readily available; I have not replaced them; as I will not be painting the truck. The doors rattle when driving the truck, due to the deteriorated seals. It also needs window sweeps (installs in the door, goes between the glass and the door on the outside),and the rubber guides (installs in the door, goes between the glass and the door on the inside)

The driver's door latch does not always function correctly, there are two 'catches', the first catch works, but the second (tighter close) does not always catch. This is due to an internal spring being weak, a spare door untested driver's door latch comes with the truck. If needed, I also have a contact that rebuilds the door latches, (you do not want to take these apart, springs go everywhere).

The driver's side window needs adjusted, when rolled all the way down the glass wants to tilt forward.

The speedo cable was broken when I bought the truck, I replaced it. It broke again, so I replaced the speedometer and the cable. Now the speedo works, but it jumps around, and makes noise like it is binding. The speedometer is currently disconnected.

Drive-Ability: I have driven this truck less than 100 miles. In my opinion, the truck starts, drives and stops very well. I have a 2nd 57 D100 that I upgraded to disc brakes on the front. This truck with its manual brakes stops as good, if not better. I do not feel a pull to the right or left when driving or braking. There is no power steering, when stopped that makes steering more difficult, when moving it is much better. There are no seatbelts.

TITLE: I have a clear Indiana title for this vehicle.

UPDATE: Tom sold his 1957 D100.
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Joe Leonard 2020-05-14