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Michael's 1978 Power Wagon

Michael's 1978 Power Wagon is a 440/727. The drive train is stock with a 3.91 Dana 44 front differential and a 3.91 Chrysler 9.25 rear differential. If you saw the stock picture before he lifted it 8" it was "Grandpa's 5th wheel tower". This is evident by the holes in the bed and the holes in the frame from the airbags. The interior is worn in such a manner that it appeared most of the time there was only a driver...never any passengers. Everything looks good except the drivers seat. Michael originally bought this truck on a whim in Denver because he had this exact truck when he was in high school. While all of his friends kept their trucks (all 73-87 Dodge trucks) he got rid of his and bought a Dakota. He has regretted it every day since he sold it. Now that he has one back he plans on restoring it with almost all the factory options that were available. Some time soon he wants to create a web site with detailed pictures and instructions for adding almost any factory option correctly to this era truck. When he does, we will post the web address here for you. If you would like to contact Michael please email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2007-02-09