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Bob Smillie's Unique 1965 Power Wagon

Bob's father purchased this W200 Power Wagon in August 1964 and it remains in the family today. The factory (Warren Truck Plant) stretched the frame 8" so the 8' bed could be added. To compensate for the center of gravity imbalance the entire front drive assembly was shifted forward 2". The original 146" wheel base is now 156". Although he can't prove it, he believes the frame stretch was done by Kafferbarger Welding in Ohio. This Power Wagon has only 113,000 miles on it and still runs great with it's Poly 318. The dry desert area of Southern CA has kept it rust free. The truck is #375 in the 1965 model year run. All paper work refer to it as a 64 but the vehicle sequence # indicates it's a 65. This will be changed when they get ready to move to Tennessee. Author Don Bunn and historian Paul Cook (Texas Power Wagon Museum) have made comments about this unusual truck in the Nov-Dec 2001 issue of "This Old Truck". Bob has the original DMV receipts and maintenance records. He has been told this truck is the only one of it's kind. Bob can be reached at:

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Joe Leonard 2012-09-17