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Bart Schiks' 77 W200 Dodge Truck

Bart bought his '77 W200 ex army M887 5 years ago from a friend who had only put 3000 miles on it. All Bart had to do was change all the fluids and it ran perfect for him. He now uses it as his daily driver. In April he took his truck to Libia for a month! To prepare for the adventure Bart checked it over thoroughly and added an extra fuel tank and a pressurized air system to fill tires and blow out the radiator. He took 1500 kg of fuel and spare parts with him but didn't have to use any of the spare parts. His Dodge W200 ran perfectly for him. His adventure lasted 10,000 km.

If you would like to find out more about Bart's adventure or his '77 Dodge W200 you can email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2007-02-07