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Len's 75 Club Cab D100 Adventurer Restoration Project

This Adventurer is a numbers matching 440 truck with 48K original miles. It is a completely loaded truck that is optioned more like a luxury car than a truck. The picture was taken shortly after Len bought it and cleaned it up some. It was completely filled with trash, inside and out. From the pictures the truck looks fairly nice but in reality rust had taken its toll due to a lack of factory sealant in the roof seams and because the windows had been left open for quite awhile. Len has had to do some major rust repair. His Adventurer is still apart but slowly coming back to life. Len has tracked down production numbers for his '75 and as of right now he believes it is only one of two known (the other one is in Canada). If you know of any others please email Len as he is wanting to start a registry on these beasts. The only thing not going back to stock on this truck is the color. It was two tone gold but will be Hemi Orange. Len assures us he will be sending us updates. If you would like to email him his address is:

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Joe Leonard 2007-02-08