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Mike Cano's 1978 W150 Power Wagon Awaits His Return From The Middle East

Mike is currently deployed to the Middle East. When Mike entered the service in 1990 his dad gave him this truck. It was brand new. He can remember seeing it at the car lot - brand new - bronze metal flake color. He is slowly trying to restore her and would like to see her back to her original bronze color. He has new rims for the truck but wants to wait to put them on until he gets new 33 inch tires. He would also like to put in Captain's chairs. The truck has a 360 engine in it right now. It's not the original. His sister ran the original engine out of oil and blew it up. The engine that is in it now has had the heads re-done and a new two barrel carb put on it. It starts right up every time and has the power to squeal the tires - something every Mopar enthusiust loves to do. Mike has all the repair panels for around the back wheels, rocker panels, and behind the front wheels, but hasn't had the time or money to have them installed. He hopes to give it to his son Zacherry some day. His son loves the truck and calls it "The Beast". Zacherry is always with his dad helping with the repairs. Sounds like we have another Mopar fan!

Thank you Mike for serving our Country! We really appreciate all you do for us! If you would like to send Mike an email his email address is:

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Joe Leonard 2007-02-19