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Troy Taylor's 1980 D150 Dodge Truck

Troy has had his truck since 1988. It had a Slant Six when he got it with Keith Black pistons, MP cam, Weiand intake and Holley carb. It now has a 383 with an 8 3/4 rear differential with 3:23 gears and a Suregrip, and a 727 with a shift kit. When he got the truck, it had round headlights but Troy changed them to stacked square. He also lowered the front and rear and it now has 15x10 wheels and 275/60 Hoosier tires. Troy added a Sony CD player, MTX speakers and JVC amp.

Troy's truck has had 5 engines in it. Originally it was a 225 but when it blew up he and a couple of cousins threw together a 360 with a MP cam and Edlebrock intake and dropped it in for about a year. It ran ok but was not a powerhouse. The 1st 440 went in because his cousin put a 360 in his truck and beat him racing on a Friday afternoon...Saturday morning there was a 440 in his truck...and Troy beat his cousin on Saturday! The 2nd 440 went in because the 1st one threw a rod and the 383 went in because the 2nd 440 lost oil pressure. He did have time to completely rebuild the 383 before it went in. All this was in a 5 year time frame. Troy is now able to yank the motor with his eyes closed. He's had the truck for 19 years now and plans on keeping her around.

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Joe Leonard 2007-07-30