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SOLD: Rick Martin's 1978 3/4 Ton Dodge Truck

Rick's 1978 3/4 ton Dodge truck has a 6" lift and 35" tires. Rick has had his truck for a year and is now trying to get it legal for the road (Oregon registration). It has a 1987 front end with disk brakes, a 360 4 barrel and dual 3" Flowmaster exhaust. He says it sounds great! Rick added the shell and new fog lights. Because it sat so long, he also put in a new battery, rebuilt the carb, and gave it a full tune up. His truck needs some TLC but the body is pretty straight (1 ding in driver's door). It has Smitty Built "rhino guards" front and back. He still needs to get the front end looked at, transmission serviced and replace the choke spring. but feels after that is all done, it will be able to climb a telephone pole! We would love to see a picture of that!

UPDATE: Rick has to sell his truck because of the California smog situation. If interested contact him at:

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Joe Leonard 2008-08-23