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Patrick Lepage's 1977 D100 True Spirit

Patrick's father purchased this 1977 D100 True Spirit second hand in 1978. It was used by his father as a work truck, until Patrick obtained a license and beat up on it severely. (According to Patrick he was "young and dumb"). It was purchased from their hometown Dodge dealer where Patrick later worked for several years.

This is what Patrick knows about it:

360 V8 2-BBL Holley
727 3 speed automatic transmission
Two wheel drive
Basic gauge package, but no clock or tachometer
8 ¾ rear axle w/3:55 gear ratio
Front disc/rear drum brakes
Single exhaust
Slotted chrome mag wheels w/matching rear underslung spare
Navy Blue Metallic paint
White contrasting pinstriping w/L’il Red Express-Warlock type design over each fender
White “True Spirit by Dodge” logo on tailgate only
Tartan blue cloth interior w/bench seat
Cargo lamp
Chrome low profile mirrors
Chrome tailgate handle
Smooth chrome non-step type rear bumper
Bumper guards on chrome front bumper
AM radio
Decorative chome box top rails (from factory, but removed to install truck cab)
White lettered polyglas H70-15 tires, rims were 10” wide (He is not certain, but they had to be close)
Heavy Duty suspension package

No power accessories, or cruise, or A/C or anything special.

Was not Sure-Grip equipped

Patrick is originally from northern Ontario, Canada. There were at least 3 other identical trucks on the road in Ontario at the time, with identical features. All were intended for use in Canada and came equipped with metric speedometer/odometers. Patrick had never heard of any other style or color of True Spirit until he discovered our website. He would be more than glad to answer any questions submitted about this vehicle. He also will try to scare up more photos of his True Spirit.

Patrick can be reached at:

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Joe Leonard 2008-12-31