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Curtis Martin's 1976 Dodge Power Wagon

Curtis owns a 1976 W100 Dodge Power Wagon. It had an original 3 on the tree transmission, full time 4x4. 318 2 barrel. It had 31x10.50's when he got it and now has aluminum wheels, with 33x12.50's. Curtis is working on fixing the rust, and he is probably going to put on a small lift. He bought it about a year ago for $300 and drove it home. The motor blew up a few months after he got it, so he bought another 318 out of a conversion van and put it in, and rebuilt the carb. He just had new straight pipe exhaust put on it and factory heavy duty suspension, with a Dana 60 out back and a Dana 44 in the front. The truck goes like a tank. Curtis drives it every day to work and back, and to the woods in the winter to cut fire wood. The un-believable part is, it gets 15 mpg (way better than he thought it would).

Curtis' truck had 31x10.50s wheels when bought it

It now has 33x12.50 wheels on it

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Joe Leonard 2011-07-02