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James Bennack's 1976 W200 Crew Cab

James owns this 1976 W200 Crew Cab Adventurer SE. The inner door seals and other items purchased from Mopar Truck Parts finally made it a nearly completed project.

It has a 99 5.9L Magnum with a MP PCM, a NV4500 5 speed, a 90 NP241 t-case, an 81 front Dana 60 with the original Selectro locking hubs. The rear Dana 60 is original 76. The frame started life as a 84 D200 Crew Cab, and was converted to the current 4x4 set up using all original brackets and crossmembers. Currently the truck gets 14 MPG, but will be getting a Cummins 5.9 conversion in the future, along with a disc brake Dana 80 rear axle, hydro boost brakes and a divorced 205 transfer case. The colors are Dodge Truck White and Viper Red.

To learn more about James' 1976 W200 Crew Cab you can email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2012-02-13