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Russ Krul's 1990 W150 Dodge Truck

Russ's 1990 is all stock and is very reliable, plus it is all paid for! It is very simple to operate and maintain. That's why he has kept it healthy. It's simple and Russ believes, "simple is better".

As added protection, Lexan bullet-proof mud flaps were installed to keep the cops from shootin' out his tires!

1990 W150S
3.9L V-6
2nd Owner
64K Miles

It has no A/C, no airbags, no fancy multiple computers, no GPS tracking system, no power windows or door locks, no expensive high performance enhancing parts, no blue tooth stuff, no wireless stuff, no jiffy roll bars or fancy dual chrome plated exhaust pipes, no lift kits or nitrogen filled adjustable gas shocks, no leaking sunroofs or moon roofs, no comfortable leather seats, no automatic all wheel drive systems, no "50 million special service tools required to repairs it" syndrome, no costly special trips to the service department at the Dodge dealer required, etc, etc, etc...

It does have, however, multiple grease fittings.

The side mirrors are off an old Ford that Russ abused.

The truck got a new overall factory PPG color clear coat paint in 2003 by Russ's very special friend "Little Al". It took about a month to do. Little Al did it after work and on the weekends... it cost at least 12 cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer...and a couple grand.

To learn more about Russ's 1990 Dodge truck you can email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2014-02-11