Chrysler Corp Dual Reluctance Pickup Distributors

The dual reluctance pickup distributor was released in 1980. It was used until 1987 on a variety of 318 4BBL and 360 4BBL, auto, truck and van applications. The Hollander's interchange numbers are 1986 and 1988. One pick up is for Start mode the other one is for Run mode. The initial advance should be set between 10-14". Total advance at 3300 RPM should be 32-36".

To check how much centrifugal advance the weights, springs and slots are providing, put a degree wheel around the distributor, hold shaft bottom steady and measure the advance by twisting the rotor. You can check the vacuum advance the same way, by pulling vacuum on the vacuum advance and seeing how much the rotor moves.

The vacuum advance can be adjusted by inserting an allen wrench in the vacuum line hole. 15" on the crank is 30° on the timing light.

The only difference between different part number dual pickup distributors with vacuum advance is the adjustment of the vacuum advance mechanism.

The heavy spring on the centrifugal advance mechanism is to bring the weight out smoothly to stop, so it doesn't bounce.

Dual pickup distributors have a shorter slot so they limit the total change in centrifugal advance by 10-15° compared to single pickup distributors.

Article written by GT Elders 3-07

Joe Leonard 2007-03-04