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SOLD: 1983 Dodge W150/350

Jay is selling his 1983 Dodge W150/350, Cummins 4x4 Resto-Mod. The truck is an accumulation of parts from at least three trucks. The 83 W150 frame was stripped, sandblasted and refinished with Por 50, and sprayed with quality under coating. The complete driveline came from a 89 W350, including the 5.9 turbo Cummins. Everything was disassembled, all new bearings and seals were used in the differentials and transfer case. The 727 was sent out to a reputable local rebuilder, who did an extensive rebuild, using his experience in strengthening the unit. This included high quality TCI performance high gear clutches and bands, heavy duty planetaries, an improved lubrication system, with Derale pan, tubular cooling tubes, and a remote Derale cooler assembly.

The suspension was dismantled completely, and all broken or worn parts were replaced, including all new poly bushings, and steering components, along with a new power steering gear box. All universal joints were replaced. The rear drive shaft was shortened to fit the short wheel base. The motor has 115K miles, as shown on the W350 odometer, however, the covers were removed, and the engine inspected for unusual wear. All the external gaskets were replaced, plus a new oil pan was installed, because the original wasn't that nice. The truck has a new water pump, and the turbo was rebuilt to stock specs. Jay chose a fresh air intake rather than the original canister, because it looks better, and performance is improved. A new radiator was installed, and twin cooling fans mounted in front of the radiator (hidden behind the front grill assembly), eliminated the need for the humungous clutch fan. The fuel shut off solenoid was eliminated by choice, to allow the use of a fuel manual shut off operated by a cable. The truck runs, shifts, and operates exactly as it should. The truck has a lot more power than Jay expected, making it a whole lot of fun to cruise. The truck is geared a little lower than it needs to be, but Jay is happy cruising down the highway at 55 - 65. The Cummins killer dowel pin issue was addressed during the build.

Everything is either new or rebuilt/reconditioned as needed. No expense was spared. The body was rust/rot free to begin with. However, the front fenders did not meet Jay's expectations, so he replaced them with aftermarket ones, which work, but are not the exact fit he wished for. The body work and paint is nice, but not show quality. All the lights and gauges operate properly, plus a set of more appropriate cab lights was added. All new bulbs were installed, as well as new wiring harnesses to accommodate the changes made in this Resto-Mod. The brakes were completely renewed, with NEW pads, rotors, calipers, wheel cylinders, and drums.

The truck is located in Amsterdam, New York. Two minutes off the NYS Thruway at exit 27. 30 miles west of Albany

UPDATE (September 2018): Jay Sold his truck.
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Joe Leonard 2018-08-28