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Donald's 74 Ramcharger

Donald bought his 74 Ramcharger SE from the original owner in 1986. It was all original with a 318, air and fully removable hard top (no door frames). He sold it to his father two years later where it stayed for 8 years. From there it went to his bother for a few years. When Donald got the truck back in 2000 it had rusted out along the bottom. Donald added a four inch lift, wheels and tires, removed the hard top and installed a Kayline top. NOTE: Donald still hasn't figured out how to fill the gap around the windows...if you have any ideas please email him. He replaced the rusted sheet metal and repainted the truck. Donald stripped the interior and had Line-X spray the inside. Now he uses it as his family "TOY" and the kids love it. He gets "looks" everywhere they go! Please email Donald at:

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Joe Leonard 2007-02-09