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Paul's 72 Power Wagon

Paul Prouty bought this truck from the original owner 20 years ago. He has all the original paper work including the window sticker. It had a hard life as a landscape truck for may of those years. It has a 360, 4 speed 4x4. The restoration took a little over five months. The work was done by Glenn Baumann of GCAR in Hollister. The most difficult part of the restoration was killing all the rust. The original owner often took the truck up north to hunt with and used the hood and tailgate as a very convenient place to put the salted hides. You can imagine what years of that did to the truck. The truck is now covered in PPG basecoat clearcoat in the original metallic blue with a Line-X sprayed bed liner. The truck was kept completely stock. Paul says his truck has hit retirement age and he plans to use it to pull a matching trailer with a camper shell on top. In the mean time, the heaviest thing that will be in the back will be the groceries or the barbecue and the fishing poles. You can reach Paul and Glenn (GCAR) at or visit the GCAR web site:

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Joe Leonard 2007-06-21