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David Bates' 1972, 3/4 Ton Beauty

This crew cab has a 360, automatic trans, power steering, power disc brakes, and a.c. converted to 134a. Everything mechanical is new. Truck is an original big block truck (400 2bbl). Itís actually a 72 but he installed the 77-78 grille and it was a 3/4 ton but he converted it to 5 lug half ton. The truck was pulled out of a field and was in real bad shape, all the glass was gone. It had a big hole where a sunroof used to be and large holes in the bedsides. The truck was originally silver. David rebuilt this truck completely about 12 years ago and sold it about 10 years ago and David recently got it back and plans on redoing it again. David owns a body shop and a salvage yard so he is always building something, mostly mopar muscle cars but lately he has been getting into the Dodge trucks as you donít see many restored ones. You may contact David at:

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Joe Leonard 2007-01-09