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SOLD: 1961 Power Wagon

Daniel sold his 1961 3/4 ton 4x4 Power Wagon that has been in his family since it was new. He has to move and can't take it with him. Daniel says the 318 engine runs very well. It is not in new condition but it is still road worthy. The only major problem with it is that the hydraulic clutch is bad and the cylinders need replacing. He believes the brake cylinder probably should be replaced as well. The front drive line is missing but does not interfere in everyday driving. At this point, you can start the truck while in gear and go for a drive without shifting. The body has some rust on it but there are no dents or major body damage. All glass and mirrors are intact. He bought new tires and rims for it just before it broke down a couple of years ago. He still has the original split rims that will go with it as well. The seat is usable but otherwise trashed. There is also a radio/tape player stereo in it that works. Daniel hopes this Power Wagon went to someone that will eventually restore the truck and let it "live forever".

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Joe Leonard 2007-02-08