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Bill's 73 MOPAR Dodge Power Wagon

Bill Francis Jr. bought his 73 Power Wagon for Christmas in 1972 for $4025. Bill has put close to 1,000,000 miles on his truck over the years, back country hunting and fishing, and lots of cross country travel as a professional entertainer. He has gone through three 360 engines. At present the engine is a 75-76 440 out of a Chrysler New Yorker. The heads are reworked (compression requires premium) and the 750 cfm carburetor with a hi-po intake and headers provides gas guzzling power that no other old or new truck and most street cars can match. He has even given grief to others while pulling a boat!. The truck is equipped with a side winder winch (12,000 lbs) (200 ft of extra 5/8 cable goes along when he is on a long hard hunting trip), dual batteries, 4 gas tanks totaling about 105-110 gallons (behind the seat stock tank, two side tanks and 65 in the back under the tool box). His Power Wagon has good shocks, the tranny is beefed and shift kitted with a small torque converter that's a bit more than stock, but not enough to slip too much pulling the boat. Bill's 73 truck has a nice stereo and "President" CB. The latest addition is the new axles and disc brakes (front and rear) from a 76 or 78 Ramcharger.

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Joe Leonard 2007-02-08