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Marty Enjoys Grand-Dad's Original 1968 D100 Custom

Marty's Grandfather bought this 1968 D100 Custom brand new in 1968 and she has been in the family ever since. The truck is completely original all the way to the spare tire under the bed -- an old Goodyear Power Cushion that has never seen the pavement. She also is complete with the owner's manual and warranty credit card in a clear plastic cover. Marty's truck has only 61,000 original miles on the odometer.

Marty has been driving the truck nearly every day for the past month, the most it has been driven in years, and she has been performing flawlessly. This truck certainly gets a lot of attention! Marty lives in Auburn, Alabama and surprisingly, he hasn't seen any other sweptlines around there.

Marty's Grandfather took very good care of this truck, but don't get him wrong, he did use the old girl. Marty has seen the truck loaded to the top of the cab with sod before. His grandfather installed coil springs in the back (he called them "helper springs"). Marty's Grandfather used to haul a couple of cows at a time in the bed of the truck. He had some tall "panels" made of chain-link fence that would fit down in the holes in the bed top which made a pen, and that is how he hauled the cows. In 1993 Marty had the coil springs removed because one of them was broken.

All Marty had to do to the truck over the years was put the original hubcaps back on and keep it washed and waxed. Marty feels very fortunate he has this truck and that it is in such great shape. Marty, thank you for sharing your story and pictures with us! If you have any questions for Marty his email address is:

UPDATE: Check out the new pictures Marty sent us of his truck. He just put on new tires.

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Joe Leonard 2007-11-03