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Chris Antolik Traded For This 1976 D100

Chris got his 1976 D100 in a trade last year from a friend. It has a 400 with an aftermarket four barrel and intake, the cam is unknown but pretty stout. It has a 727 with an 8 1/4 Chrysler and 4.10 gears in the back. The body is a little rough, but not too bad for a Cleveland, Ohio truck that's over 30 years old.

When the weather breaks Chris plans to put a 383 2 barrel in it temporarily, so he will have time to rebuild the 400. He also plans to paint it panther pink, along with a flat black hood, black bumble bee stripe, fiberglass tonneau cover, and big Dodge decals over the rear wheel wells. Chris plans to use his truck mainly to play, going to car shows and running it on the strip. He also plans to use it to haul a motor or two or furniture here and there.

Chris also has a 1972 Charger, 1989 "T" top Daytona ES, and a 1972 Duster. If you would like to know more about his vehicles you can reach him at:

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Joe Leonard 2008-02-10