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Jeremy Has Great Plans For His 1975 Ramcharger

Jeremy bought his 1975 Rancharger SE in July 2007. The engine that came with the truck went bad so it now has a 360 HP.

Jeremy lives in northern Utah and says it is a fun truck to drive any time of the year there. In the summer you can take the top off and in the winter the truck is awesome in the snow.

Jeremy isn't a fan of lifing trucks so it is sitting stock with Skyjacker add-a-leafs in the rear to make it sit level. He loves the tires on it. They are 32 x 10.50 15's Cooper SST's.

Last year Jeremy took his truck somewhere it shouldn't have been and got stuck. Two Fords and a Chevy couldn't pull him out...he ended up having to call a tow truck.

Plans for the future include painting it white with macho stripes. The interior is going to be silver rhino lining with black dash and door panels and silver seats with blue lights throughout. He wants to have a blue hue while he is driving down the road.

Jeremy installed a front bench seat out of an extra cab so now he has seating for 6.

Sounds like Jeremy is having fun with his truck. If you want to talk to him about his adventures you can reach him at:

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Joe Leonard 2008-03-12