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Kevin's 1980 Weekend(s) Project

Kevin lives in Oklahoma and owns this is 1980 1/2 ton D150. When Kevin first got it, it had a camper shell and propane set up in it. The truck ran but had a flat spot on the cam.

Kevin was going to put a cam and a timing set in it, but after pricing the parts he decided to have the 360 rebuilt and had a Comp cam put in and re-did the heads. Come to find out it had a cracked head. He bolted on an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold and a Edelbrock 600 cfm carburetor.

The stock valve covers didn't look right, so Kevin bolted on some aluminum Edelbrock Elite series tall profile valve covers. This is when he decided to redo the whole truck one weekend at a time. He started with a 1973 dash and cluster. He found a 1990 Dodge with a good bench seat and a nice tail gate. Kevin could not find any wing glass for the club cab, so he put the non moving club cab windows in it instead.

And after almost losing a rear wheel, Kevin put on a set of 16" American racing Pythons with new lug nuts. He also added a custom bumper and plans on filling in the stock tail lights.

Now Kevin is making a custom cluster for the guages. He would like to change the rear end out to something better than the highway gears it has in it now.

Kevin will keep us updated on the outcome of his weekend(s) project. Kevin would appreciate any helpful suggestions. You can email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2008-06-16