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Ken Papa's 1964 A-100

This A-100 is a 1964 Model, which Ken believes was built on the first day of production in 1963. The serial number is 000436 and it is equipted with a slant six, "three on the tree" manual transmission and a chrome front bumper. It is also not equipted with seat belts or even seat belt anchor points since the federal seat belt law did not go into effect until January 1, 1964. It has all original sheet metal with the exception of 2 small pieces in the pick up bed floor. The A-100 runs and rides like a dream even though it doesn't have power steering or brakes. It is a radio delete truck. It is a California truck and was restored in 1995.

You can email Ken at: or visit his website: Papa's Chrysler Dodge Jeep in New Britain, CT.

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Joe Leonard 2008-08-08