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Darren Weiler's 1980 Power Wagon Adventurer SE

This is Darren's 1980 Dodge Power Wagon Adventure SE. It's not actually his's his dad's, but his Dad promised it to him when he turns 16.

It has a 360 V8 in it, but after Darren gets it he plans to put a Hemi in it. He also plans to raise the truck about 4 inches and put some Swampers on it. Right now it is in pretty bad shape, all the floor pans are rusted out and it isn't running very well.

Darren's dream is to restore his truck and have a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 SS/T. If you have any questions you can contact Darren at:

UPDATE February 2014: Darren is 17 now, and has been working on the truck for over a year. The bed rusted completely out, so he picked one up from Arizona. Darren pulled the bed off, stripped the frame down and painted everything and replaced all lines, bolts, rubber pieces etc. He went through the rear end and put new brakes on then put the back half back together and now he is doing the same to the front. He is in the process of pulling the cab off right now. Darren plans have changed since he first emailed us. Now he plans on just running 3/4 ton springs and maybe slightly bigger tires. He also plans to swap in a mild build 360 magnum. Below are some updated pictures:

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Joe Leonard 2014-02-10