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Erik Norback's 1979 Custom D400

This truck started out as a 1979 Dodge Custom D400, SNET Southern New England Telephone company truck. Erik bought it at an auction from SNET for $400 in 1993.

Erik has done a complete chassis up restoration. The truck has been refitted with a Dana 60 4500# front end, an 89 Cummings diesel engine, Getrag 360 5 speed transmission, and an 89 dash and wiring harness (for obvious reasons). The engine also has new injectors and some slight injection pump mods.

Erik says this 7900# truck runs high 10's in the quarter mile and will walk away from just about any big block on the street. He is currently using diluted, filtered waste oil for fuel and gets 22 mpg!

Erik lives in Hermon, New York. If you would like to contact him he can be reached at:

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Joe Leonard 2007-12-16