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Mike Thamez's 1979 D100...A Great Find!

Mike just bought this 1979 D100 daily driver for only $1000.00. It has a 318 with a one barrel carb on it. He's not sure why it only is a one barrel, because he thought the majority came with a two barrels. He has had this truck for about two weeks and has already painted the instrument bezel black and the grille guard and the rear bumper as well. He also installed a Cherry Bomb muffler and it already had dual exhaust. Mike is very impressed with this truck's reliability and solid condition.

Plans for the future include a complete body off frame restoration. Mike also plans on attending a collision repair school this summer so he can give his truck the care it really needs.

If anyone has any questions or comments feel free to reach Mike at

UPDATE: Mike regretfully sold his truck.

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Joe Leonard 2009-03-09