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Tharon Neal's 1973 Power Wagon Restoration

Before and After Restoration Pictures

Tharon used to own a 1974 W100 with a 440 and granny four speed. However, after attempting to get it smogged in California he found out that he would have to replace the 440 with the stock 318 in order to pass. In 1994, Tharon found the truck he now owns and it has taken him through whatever hazards he dares to attempt.

Tharon moved from the dry climate of California to humid Louisiana and within five years the moisture in the air has transformed the oxidized and classic-looking body into a literal rust garden. His old 318 was starting to age so he decided to take the plunge...after watching “Overhaulin’” on tv. Tharon thinks they should include a disclaimer warning not to try this at home...alone. Tharon has accomplished the following:

• Replaced motor with a 360 ci stroker (408 cid)
• Rebuilt the 4-speed granny transmission
• Rebuilt the transfer case and power steering unit
• Sandblasted the body and frame to bare metal
• Replaced both rocker panels and floor pans
• Painted the interior and exterior metallic green
• Undercoated the frame, under the body, and the engine compartment
• Replaced all interior parts including having the seat redone
• Added 6 Auto-Meter gauges and installed an RCA am/fm 8-track
• Sprayed in the bed liner
• Plus lots more

Tharon still has to:
• Change the front and rear drum brakes to disc
• Wet sand...polish...and wax the new paint

To learn more about Tharon's 1973 Power Wagon restoration you can email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2009-06-25