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Vivian Vieker's 1973 Dodge Truck

Vivian's truck is a 73 D200 Adventurer 3/4 ton. It has a 318 with a granny 4-speed transmission. Vivian recently installed aluminum Edelbrock performance high rise intake with a Edelbrock 750 cfm carb and Edelbrock air cleaner. She has completely redone the interior replacing the old bench seat with new bucket seats and a custom center divider and new carpeting. She is also going to do some custom work to the dash and the headliner. This truck is Vivian's baby. She plans to have it most of her life and eventually enter it into shows.

Pulled off the front clip

Stripping the interior

Painted the motor the first time

New rims

Stereo system

Bondoed all the holes from the trim and big mirrors that were on it. Also primered the hood.

New steering wheel

Motor when she had to pull it out again and painted it a different color. She has always had a thing for Monster Green and Black.

Mudding with a did pretty good for being a 2wd

To learn more about Vivian's 1973 Dodge truck you can email her at:

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Joe Leonard 2010-2-3