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Lonnie Sullivan's 1986 D-150 Dodge Truck

Lonnie is a 3rd generation Dodge truck loyalist. His grandpa bought a 57 new, his dad bought an 84 new and now Alonzo has an 86 that his grandpa bought new, then his dad drove it for 10 years, and now its Lonnie's daily driver. It has served three generations of his family without a fault and he hopes to soon give it a full restoration and retire it to easier duty.

Lonnie truck is a 1986 Dodge D-150 Custom with a 225 slant six, automatic, power brakes and steering. It doesn't have A/C or a radio.

Lonnie has owned and loved many Dodges: 1959 stepside, 1984 D100 slant 6, 1965 D100 318-poly, 1977 W100 stepside, 1991 4x4 shortbed, 1986 D150 slant6, 1977 W250 440 bigblock, etc. He looks forward to finding a nice 1957 someday!

To learn more about Lonnie's 86 Dodge truck you can email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2010-02-08