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Justin's 1941 and 1977 Dodge Trucks

Justin's recently purchased this 1941 Dodge truck. Is has a 454 under the hood, straight exhaust, lift kit with 44 inch Super Swampers. Justin plans to restore the inside to its original condition with a few extra gadgets. He plans to use it to go Mudding. He thinks the 454 is going to make steering a problem, so he will add hydraulic steering assist eventually, plus a new paint job.

Justin bought his 1977 Power Wagon almost fully restored. It needs a few minor inside details finished. It has a 318 with a 2 barrel at the the moment. Justin plans to change to a 4 barrel intake and carb. If that isn't enough power, he plans to put in a 360. Justin has already put custom exhaust on the truck since he bought it to give it a little "rumble". He also plans to put a 4" lift on it soon.

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Joe Leonard 2011-05-23