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Ron Brady's 1976 "Super Dodge" Truck

Picture taken not long after Ron got it painted in 90 or 91

Ron has had his truck since he was a senior in high school, 23 years ago. He paid $500.00 for it. He called it his "Super Dodge" and that name has stuck all these years. It started out as a 318, three on the tree, then a 318 automatic, and now it's a 440 automatic. It has 600 hp, and a Dana 60. 95% of the work has been done by Ron. He did all the fabrication work on the rear frame, and built the rear end, plus the "1 OFF" fiber glass 6" hood was done by Ron and a body shop buddy. Ron bought a donor truck for the bed and doors. The last time it was painted was in 90 or 91. It is now going through another restoration. It is still streetable, (barely) but is mainly just something to tinker with.

What it looks like now

During Restoration


When Ron first bought it minus the camper shell that was on it

Fresh 440

To learn more about Ron's "Super Dodge" you can email him at:

Joe Leonard 2011-05-28