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David Lockard's 1973 Power Wagon

In 1998, David bought an original 1973 4WD Dodge Power Wagon with 22,000 original miles. It has a 225 cu. in. slant 6 with a 3-speed on the column. It has virtually no rust. The truck was originally owned by an insurance company in Harrisburg, PA and was acquired by the company David works for and then offered for sale to employees and David was the lucky buyer.

It has the original factory Meyer snow plow on it. David only uses the truck in the winter to plow snow and keeps it garaged for the other 9 months. The truck lacks power steering so it tends to drive like a truck, but it gets the job done.

To learn more about David's 1973 Dodge Power Wagon truck you can email him at:

Joe Leonard 2011-10-25