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Bryan Wagner's Dodge Trucks

Bryan's orange 1976 Clubcab 4x4 came from the original owner in Great Falls, MT. It has only has 69,000 original miles. Unfortunatley, due to a lack of oil issue, the original 318 is junk. Bryan purchased a 1992 Cummins 4x4 with only 84,000 miles that was wrecked and, having read Reg Reimers story about his 1975 Cummins, Bryan plans to transplant all the drivetrain pieces to this truck by Christmas.

The orange 1976 stepside was an original 318 automatic 2WD Warlock bought from a friend about 3 years ago. It didn't have an engine or a transmission in it when Bryan got it. Bryan had a mild performance 1976 cast crank 440 and A833 4 speed from a 1968 Charger stashed in the shop. He started the install last fall and got sidetracked by other projects. It should be up and running by Spring 2012.

The blue 1958 Dodge D100 is Bryan's latest treasure. Having been bitten by the need for some "Old Iron" he had been looking for a decent 1957 D100 project for about the last 6 months. He found this 58 instead, and purchased it a few days ago in north central Montana at a small town Dodge dealeship that has been in the same family over 70 years. Plans are to fix all the rust, sand and paint satin black, add red cop wheels with homemade 3 bar spinner hub covers, install a Volare front suspension, power brakes, Z the rear frame, and add a good running 318 automatic and the 8 3/4 Suregrip from a 74 Dodge he is parting out. Bryan figures he will get serious about this truck next spring after his stepside is done.

Bryan really enjoy our site and all the great Dodge stories and pictures from other viewers. Dodge truck owners are most certainlly a different breed. Bryan has have been into MOPARS for over 30 years.

To learn more about Bryan's Dodge trucks you can email him at:

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