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Butch Thornton's 1977 Military Ambulance


Butch purchased the ambulance from a fellow who sold it on eBay. It was issued to the Army Medical Corps in 1977 straight from the factory in Ohio. They used the ambulance until 1990 when it was surplused. It was then purchased by a volunteer fire dept for brush fires somewhere in the midwest. They used it for several years, and then sold it to the person Butch bought it from. It was in very rough shape when he got it. He worked on it for over a year getting it back in shape. It now has a rebuilt engine, new carburator, new tires, new door & window rubber. Butch converted it to a dual battery system. It also has a ten watt solor panel mounted on the roof to keep the batteries fully charged. Butch is converting the back into a mini-camper this spring. The ambulance has a fully functional siren and red light on it. Butch added outside flood lights all the way around it for night time use.


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Joe Leonard 2012-11-26