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Jeff Rivas' 1991 Diesel Truck

Jeff's truck is a Dodge 1991.5 12 valve diesel. He bought this truck when he was in high school from his future father-in-law. It has the entire Banks kit installed, he also had the injection pump rebuilt and tuned to the peak for best performance. It has Rancho 5000 shocks front and rear, and a Rancho stabilizer bar. He installed a compressor under the hood to adjust for heavy loads. The truck has a 518A automatic transsmission with the overdrive and it was rebuilt and upgraded with a Magtec High Performance transmission pan.

Jeff always wants to know what that motor is doing. There are 6 gauges to help him keep track and they all work great. This truck has the original paint which is rare for a truck this old. As of now, he can get 29 lbs of boost out of his turbo. Jeff is looking to do more upgrades and always wants more power.

If anyone has any suggestions on what else Jeff can do to his truck please feel free to email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2012-11-26