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Cory Burditt's 1969 and 1970 Dodge D100s

The blue 4x4 started as a 69 D100 Utiline with a slant 6. It now has an 87 Dana 44 up front, and a 9 1/4 3.55 Sure Grip in the rear. Corey built and installed a stout 440 and 727 with an aluminum crossflow radiator, and fabricated the crossover steering. He put 64" leafs with 7" shackles in the rear to it give a nice smooth ride across the desert.

The green truck is a 70 D100. It originally had a 318 in it. Corey built a stout 413 and 727 for it, put ladder bars with coil overs in the rear and a fuel cell under the bed behind the axle. The rear is an 8 3/4 3.91 posi. Corey bought this truck for $500 when he was 12. The floor boards were rusted out and trans locked up. It was parked next to a chicken coupe and the cab was serving as part of the chicken coupe! His truck has come a long way! It was his first Sweptline.

The list of mods Corey has planned for both his 69 and 70 seem to be never ending to him.

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Joe Leonard 2013-01-27