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Adam Stambaugh's 1977 Dodge Power Wagon

Adam owns a 1977 Dodge Power Wagon, 1 ton long bed military issue truck. This truck has been through a lot, yet very little. Abused, yet still in good shape with barely 81 thousand miles on it. It is still all original except for the paint and tires. It still has the rock solid transmission in it that the military demanded with the 318 2 barrel.

It's a mess under the hood, but Adam went through and got everything hooked up and working right and some of the mess out of the way. He plans to rip it all out and go back to square one soon and redo the wiring harness.

After it was sold as military surplus, the Indiana toll road bought it and used it as a maintenance truck. It sat and collected dust and then they sold it to Adam's girlfriend's neighbor Dennis. It was a daily driver for about a year, then the ignition coil went out and Dennis parked it where it is sitting in these photos. Adam bought it from him for $700 and has now moved the truck to his girlfriend's house. He just got it running the other day with a brand new MSD coil and plug wires.

Adam plans to have the truck repainted in the same color and have the black accents redone like the performance version of it's time.

To learn more about Adam's 77 Power Wagon you can email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2013-05-01