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Favio Adame's 1979 Dodge Power Wagon

Favio bought this 1979 Dodge Power Wagon from the guy who had saved it from getting crushed. The guy had used it as a plow truck and then sold it to Favio. Favio had it about a year before the 318 blew up. He then stripped down the front end, sand blasted, painted, and tore down the interior and repainted the inside of the cab. It has the original working 8 track player. Favio replaced the 318 with a 360 with a four barrel and put new gaskets and seals in the tranny. He got it done in time for his graduation, and did a huge burnout with it as the principle watched. He would still be driving it, but he had to move to Ohio for school. Favio is going to school for classic car restoration, and is hopefully going to be able to bring the truck down there soon. He plans to do some body work and fix her up. Favio's truck is his passion and his poison just like any other old Dodge.

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Joe Leonard 2010-1-2