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Mitch Reed's Rare 1983 Sno-Commander

Mitch owns a 1983 Power Ram Royal SE 150 short box stepside Sno-Commander. It has a 318 in it. He doesn't have the snow plow, or any of the controls. They were missing when he bought it for $2500, 20 years ago. He is the second owner. It used to be his daily driver, but when he changed jobs, it was a 60 mile round trip commute, so it got too expensive to drive his truck to work. It has a 35 gallon tank, so you can imagine how much it cost to fill.

It now needs quite a bit of work. It was sitting at a storage lot, and somebody decided to vandalize it by cutting out the fuse box.

Mitch knows he has a rare vehicle, and would like to learn more about his 1983 Sno-Commander. If you have information you can share with him, please email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2017-03-24