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Pat Brownings 1981 D100 Restoration

Pat's 1981 D100, started out with a red slant 6 that needed to be overhauled. He did a frame off restoration of the truck; which took him 2 years. Pat installed a 1967 440 HP engine with a 727 transmission, and an 8.75 Sure-Grip rear end with 3:55 gears. Topping off the motor is a Fi-Tech EFI system, headers, electric upgrades, cutouts, and many other aftermarket parts. He also redid the inside; changing the colors of the dash and the door panels. Foose wheels, with 2 inch drop in front, and an axle flip in back completed the look he wanted. Pat says the truck is a joy to drive.

Pat sends special thanks to his lifelong friend, Jimmy Mattingly, for helping him build his dream!

To learn more about Pat's 1981 Dodge truck you can email him at:

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Joe Leonard 2020-08-18