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Send us a list of what you're looking for along with your address so we can figure the parts total and shipping cost for you. Prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping. We also locate parts for Dodge Trucks. We are located near Sacramento, California.


We have assembled a large photo gallery of our customers Dodge trucks and their stories. There are some great father and son
Dodge truck build stories and many examples of outstanding craftmanship.

New Tech Article

48 RE Remote Transmission Cooler Install

Need help on a 48RE Remote Transmission Cooler Install?
We just finished a remote cooler install on our 2007 Mega Cab 5.9 4WD.

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at the bottom of our Dodge Truck Gallery page. It's FREE to list your truck!

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Who We Are

Mopar Truck Parts has been supplying used Dodge truck parts and NOS Dodge truck parts for 1972-1980 Dodge trucks, Dodge Power Wagons, Dodge Ramchargers, and Plymouth Trail Dusters since 1997. Other trucks we supply parts for are: Macho Power Wagon, 78 Lil Red Express, 79 Lil Red Express, Dodge Warlock, Power Ram, Ramcharger SE. Another service offered is locating Dodge truck parts for 1950-1970 Dodge trucks and Power Wagons, including Dodge Power Giant and Dodge Job Rated. Our contacts can supply new genuine "Mopar" truck parts for 1994-2010 Dodge trucks, including Power Ram 4x4 and Durangos. We are building an inventory of parts for 1980-1993 Dodge trucks, both 2 wheel drive and Power Ram 4 wheel drive and Ramchargers.

We have an extensive supply of used Dodge truck emblems and try to keep Adventurer, Custom, and Power Wagon truck emblems on hand for 1972-1974, 1975-1980, 1980-1988, 1989-1993, D100, D200, D300 and W100, W150, W200, W250, W300, W350, W400, and W500 model Dodge trucks. Our NOS (New Old Stock) Dodge truck parts group has 60 items including window regulators, door latches, tailgates, fenders and wiring harnesses. We have Mopar parts books, Dodge service manuals and Hollander Interchange manuals for 1961-2006 Dodge trucks.

We work with an excellent Chrysler/Jeep dealer who's very knowledgeable about Dodge truck parts and the Chrysler parts distribution system.

We also supply parts for 1970-1980 Dodge motorhomes, including Sportsman, M300, M400 and M500 motorhomes.

Mopar Truck Parts' 2007 Dodge Dually Mega Cab


Click on the picture above to read about our 2007 Dodge Dually Mega Cab.

Truck Part Groups

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NOS - New Old Stock




Front Suspension & Drive
Front Suspension Components...Steering Knuckles, Front Drive Shafts, Axles,
Locking Hubs...Front Differential


Rear Axle
Rear Axle and Component Parts...Rear Axle Mountings


Parking Brake Controls


Service Brakes
Brake Controls and Mechanism...Brake Warning Switch, Parking Brake
Components within the Wheel...Wheel Hardware, Bearings and Seals


Clutch Unit and Components...Clutch Pedal, Controls, Bellhousings


Front Grill, Grill Support, Radiator Supports, Headlamp Supports...Radiators,
Fans and Fan Motors, Hoses, Thermostats...Transmission Cooling...Water
Pump...Drive Belts and Pulleys...Turbocharger Cooling


Single Board Engine Controller (SBEC) (Power Control Module) (Computer), Modules, Relays, Sensors, Solenoids, Switches...Battery Trays...Engine Electrical...Starters, Alternators, Distributors...Front, Rear, Interior Lamp...Body Wiring...Horn


Instrument Panel & Console
Instrument Panel and Console Electrical Parts, Clusters, Switches, Wiring...Hard
and Soft Trim Parts...Radio, Speakers and Antenna


Engine - 6 Cylinder
Engine Components...Engine Oil System...Flywheels, Torque
Converters...Engine Mounting


Engine - 8 Cylinder
Engine Components...Engine Oil System...Flywheels, Torque
Converters...Snow Plow Parts


Exhaust System Components...Heat Shields


Frame & Bumper
Frame Components, Crossmembers...Bumper and Fascia Components...Snow
Plow Parts


Accelerator Pedal, Linkage, Throttle Control...Air Cleaner...Carburetors,
Throttle Body and Injection Components...Fuel Lines, Fuel Tank...Fuel
Pump...Turbocharger Components...Speed Control


Propeller Shaft & Universal Joint


Rear Suspension
Rear Suspension Components


Service Bulletin Parts


Steering Wheels, Steering Wheel Horn Pads, Column...Power Steering Pump...Steering Gear...Steering
Linkage, Tie Rods


Manual Transmission & Transfer Cases
Manual Transmission...Gearshift Controls...Transfer Case
Controls, Mountings...Speedometer Pinion and Cable


Automatic Transmission
Automatic Transmission...Gearshift Controls...
Speedometer Pinion and Cable


Wheel Rims...Wheel Covers, Hubcaps...Jack and Spare Tire Storage


EMBLEMS - Body - Exterior Ornamentation
Emblems, Exterior Ornamentation, Tape Stripes, Decals...Exterior Moldings...Vinyl Roof
and Trim


Body - Sheet Metal Except Doors
Body Metal...Stationary Glass...Sunroof...Convertible Top...Hood and Deck


Body - Doors & Related Parts
Doors...Door hardware...Door Glass...Window Regulators...Door


Body - Miscellaneous
Lock Cylinders and Keys...Windshield Washer/Wiper System


Interior Trim (By Body Code)
All Interior Trim Except Dash and Console...Seats and Seat Belts...Seat
Adjusters, Manual and Power...Carpet...Interior Panels and
Moldings...Security/Tonneau Covers


Heater & Air
Heater, Air Conditioning System and Controls


Emissions Systems
Air Pump...EGR System...Vapor Canister

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