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Wesley Vork's 1975 Bighorn Restoration

Wes is restoring this 1975 Bighorn. Dodge only made a total of 261 Bighorn trucks from 1972 (2 prototypes) to 1975. Obviously they failed miserably in the "over the road" truck marketplace, but it was a great looking truck and is now quite sought after.

Wes has wanted a Bighorn for about 30 years and saw this one at an auction in Kansas last October. Fortunately, it went for less than expected and he was able to be competitive with his bid.

The Bighorn has a 290 Cummins, 10 speed RT-910 Fuller Roadranger, Rockwell sqhd rear ends, and a Hendricson rear suspension.

UPDATE October 2013: Below are recent pictures of Wes's restoration.

If you would like to know more about the Bighorn, you can email Wes at:

If you would like to see Wes' L-1000 CLICK HERE,

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Joe Leonard 2013-04-04